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Friday, 27 April 2012

VISION- How Clearly Do You See!!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish……” Proverbs 29:18

Everyone has a vision of some sort : this can’t be disputed. You are no different from the vision you possess. A vision that is not focused but is divided will create “a di-vision”. Until there is singleness in a person’s vision, their ability to achieve the fullness of their purpose will be miniscule. The laws of life will not permit that which is saturated to have any impact- concentration is what creates impact.

In the pursuit of vision, only a few are truly prepared. I believe there are three types of people when it comes to the pursuit of vision- those who are afraid of the consequences so they never bother, those who give up in the face of hardships and finally those who give it their all. If a person endures the test and is able to pay the price, the rewards will be great. It takes the bold to push on with the vision and successfully become a winner. Until a vision consumes you, your efforts to see it materialise will be infinitesimal. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, when the fire of a vision burns bright, slothfulness and sleep is taken away until you get the results.

My vision to see the purpose of God fulfilled in my life is what pushes me to desire excellence. We have already been given the power for a successful life but the onus to achieve it is on us. If you could spare a little more time every evening working on the book, movie script or designs you will one of these days exclaim eureka as Archimedes did. If you could separate yourself from the many “hangers on”, reduce the time you spend doing the unnecessary, you could certainly be achieving a milestone with your vision. The fact that you wish does not mean you will receive. There is nothing magical about success but with a dint of hard work (smart work) many ordinary men have become great. We are encouraged because God will help us and we won’t be ashamed if we set our faces like the flint for the prize.

Vision has to do with sight and you are only aware as to how far you can see. It’s either you see afar or near. You are only going to be rewarded based on the application of either one of the mode of sights-long or short. Your ability to see afar will stem from the level of depth you have inwardly. After all, your inside determines your outside. Your depth in life equals the distance you can see. A funny joke I share about the intensity of sunlight is that the very day you are born, even as a baby, you better decide to have a vision. The intensity of sunlight is a sign that you have light to guide you from the darkness. You must do all you can to maintain and work your vision or else life will be bitter.

Whenever a person’s vision is self-centred, the results will be miniscule compared to when it’s people focused. Anything that is people centred will stand the test of time. Arguably, a vision starts with an individual but the purpose is for it to spread to others. Right from the time of creation, God’s vision has been towards man. Anyone who follows after God’s plan prospers with whatever they do. Having a vision without the application of knowledge leads to death! One cannot claim to have a workable knowledge when it’s not with vision.

Jacob had the inkling that if he was ever going to be self-aware and regain the power over his circumstances, he needed a name change. He wrestled with the Angel for just one thing- the power to become self-aware. He surely got it as he requested after much struggle. The vision you have should push you to be self-aware. It allows you to plan your life in order not to fail. The propensity to take things for granted will be reduced when you recognise that by virtue of your vision, you have become self-aware.

The first step onto the ladder begins with self-awareness. With this comes the visualisation of what you can become if the steps on the ladder are followed. Everyone has an idea of who they can become if given the opportunity. Self-awareness releases the potential energy trapped in a person and spurs them on into doing something better to enhance their lives. To be self-aware is to be empowered. It releases the power of possibilities that begins first with a person before it spreads to others.

Yours In His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II


  1. Really inspiring! We learn everyday and it self awareness is definitely the first step into fully developing a rewarding life. Amen.--Maddy

  2. Thank Maddy, we all need to be self-aware in other to thrive in this ever changing world. God bless


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