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Monday, 23 April 2012

Likes And Dislikes!!!

“…………..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.     Joshua 24:15

When we were young, others dictated what we could like and dislike. In short, others became our mouth piece which is understandable. Now that you are in charge of your life, it is imperative that you exercise the power of your choice. You don’t have to like something which is not in line with the vision you have for your life.

Life is evolutionary- that which you like today might change in your tomorrow. This is where the challenge for most people is. Having the courage to speak about what they like and dislike seems difficult. They still hang out with the same old friends, neighbourhood, programmes etc without daring to step out of their zone. That which is old and familiar would at some point lose its ability to perform yet many will give reasons why they believe it’s the best. Familiarity with the old reduces a person’s ability to see the good or the bad with a thing.

Joshua, the man who took over from Moses simply made it known to the Israelites what his like and dislikes were after they had become indecisive on whom to serve. To please all is an injurious mistake, however to be separated and be outstanding or distinct is costly but rewarding. I believe in traditional family values because on a personal basis, they give meaning to man’s existence on this earth. Any attempt to change it will usher us in a cataclysmic chaos in the not so long future. I don’t have to waver because of what others believe. You are not wrong for either liking or disliking something. It’s a natural inclination in every human being which must be exercised, without which achieving self-awareness will be hard.

Jesus was at one time told his mother and siblings were looking for him but gave a strange reply. He told them that His siblings were those who hear him preach the word of God. He chose that which He liked regardless of earthly associations. When His disciples came and met Him at Jacob’s well talking to the prostitute of Samaria they were very upset. They wanted Him to like who they liked and dislike who they disliked. Have you ever come across people who want you to like what they like and dislike what they don’t? Because Jesus was self-aware, His decision to like the prostitute of Samaria paid off. As a result, the evangelist in her was stirred up and the whole town followed her to listen to Jesus preach.

Society frowns on those who stand out in all and are unwilling to accept the status quo. Often times, those who make a mark in history are people who are vilified and despised because of their self-awareness. You do not have to like everyone and everything in order to be liked; neither do you have to dislike anything for others to like you.

Yours- In-His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II


  1. How true. I had an opportunity to realize and learn the same this past months. Especially the bit about disliking something for others to like you. I realized that I want to make the choice of liking or disliking something on my own, without being influenced or forced into liking or disliking something.

    1. Its interesting how many at times, we allow the influence of others to cloud our judgements. Thank God for the strength to decide inspite of what others think.

  2. This is awesome Rev Joe!!! I would consider myself someone who likes to serve others but recently I have questioned this. I wonder is this something I use as a crutch to ensure that I'm surrounded by someone who needs me, however I have now adapted the theory: "You can hate who you need, not who you appreciate." So, this realization has been ground breaking for me.
    God bless you,


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