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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Death is certain and none will escape! Every day people die, whether buried or cremated, they will return into the dust from which they came. (Click here and tweet this). It’s the process by which the breath which gives us the energy to live life is exhaled and never to be inhaled. Barring God’s power, to live long is a choice on the part of an individual. The principles of God include what to do in order to live long. When a person goes against these principles, they end up with methods made by man which does nothing for the spirit man. God created man simple but we sought out our own schemes. The acquisition of knowledge, affluence, influence and power shouldn’t be a barrier in recognising we are just humans and this life has been loaned to us. If you live to prepared to die, you will die prepared to live. (Click here and tweet this).

Humus from whose dust we were created was never meant to exert influence over the LIFE of a person. That which wasn’t meant to be, took place sending man back into the state of hopelessness. Sin empowered the “Humus” to demand its contribution of dust in the formation of man.(Click here and tweet this). God will never compete with that which He has created. He will withdraw His breath before the humus demands its contribution of dust in the creation of a person. This is what I understand by death. Whenever you witness someone being buried, it’s because God has withdrawn His breath and the “Humus” is receiving that which is his. Death which wasn’t part of the plans of God initially became the end of all mankind whether small or great, free or slave.

Eastern Philosophies do teach of reincarnation as a means of coming back into the world. Well it’s their belief yet it doesn’t negate the judgement reserved for all mankind. It’s appointed onto man to die ONCE and after death judgement. Once will every man die and not be reincarnated into anything. (Click here and tweet this). Anytime a person is buried we are simply being reminded that we came out of the dust of the earth and from there we are going. Barring premature death, God’s determined time of death will at some point knock on your door. (Click here and tweet this).When it does no power in the world will be able to stop it because it will be your time. We came out of the dust of the earth, let us prepare well into returning. For those of us who believe in Jesus, we have hope beyond what the world is telling us. We know inspite of dying, we will be living with Christ in heaven with God. Prepare yourself! (Click here and tweet this).

Questions: What does death mean to you? Do you ever think about dying someday? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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