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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul". ~ Genesis 2:7

The person that is seen every day is not necessarily the image of God but a combo of the DNA of that individual’s parents. (Click here and tweet this). The Spiritual process is that God created man from the dust of the soil and breathe into man his Spirit and man became a living soul.  Science speaks of the creation of man from the fusing of the sperm and ovary which forms the zygote. An embryo forms out of the zygote and finally a human being.
The word “human” I believe is the combination of the words “humus” and man. Humus represents the dust from which man was created and “man” might also mean the breath of God in a person that gives life. This is the true sense of the image of God. One can therefore conclude that the real person is the one that lives within the confines of the features of both parents called the body. Whilst the true image of God is the breath in a person that causes him to live, move and have their being. (Click here and tweet this). It’s the breath of God in man that gives him the essence of his being. The energy of life in man is the breath of God. It’s only through this engine that man continues to live.

The presence of the divine or the breath of God is what causes man to constantly desire the worship of a deity, be it God or any other. (Click here and tweet this). It is what gives man the impetus to “BE”.  It’s out of this that Self- belief is generated. Even the most deprived person believes in what they are capable of achieving when given the opportunity. Ask anyone and they believe they are either the most beautiful, handsome or gifted inspite of what your opinion might be. Have you ever watched people sign their names? Have you noticed its sign with design, care and pride? The major quality displayed to the maximum is that of ownership and protection. It represents the nearest description of the essence of one’s being. It’s what makes a person feel at ease in whatever they do or say. The audacity people have in life comes from the essence of their being inherited from the divine in us.

Knowledge both of the supernatural and the natural is the contact point for God and man to relate. This knowledge from God is the ultimate conduit for the perpetuation of the human being. Every attack of the devil is to deplete the knowledge of God within a person that is meant to empower the divine in them. Without this kind of knowledge, a person is kept ignorant of the plans of God. When Adam bought into the lie of the Satan, he sinned and subsequently the divine in him was corrupted. Now man became a living soul that was dead. He lost everything and was reduced to nothing. Whenever you allow the devil to twist and tell you that which you already should know, you become his slave. (Click here and tweet this). Remember the temptation of Jesus? Selah

The humus man is glorified and elevated above all else that God had created. Sin can momentarily disconnect you but run to God and you’ll be reconnected through Christ. (Click here and tweet this). As you embark on discovering your true essence and to remain in the glorified state created you to be do these-

A.     Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour he is the only one who can bridge the gap between your now and the state God created you to be.

B.     Meditate on the word of God it’s the only way you will have divine clout to rebuff the thoughts and imaginations the enemy attacks you with.

C.     Bask in the knowledge that God takes delight in who you are. God is mindful of you and we are friends of God.

Questions: Do you really know who you are? Do you believe you are glorified through Christ? Do you know you can find redemption from your sins and weaknesses through Christ?
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