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Sunday, 29 July 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (5) MAKE IT A WIN-WIN DEAL!!

It is said that in any relationship, there has got to be a sort of 60/40 approach- where one person is expected to give the 60 and the other 40. I believe however that relationships are never about numbers but achieving a win- win deal.(Click here and tweet this). My argument is this, it doesn’t matter who is contributing what, once the mentality is that of a win-win deal, happiness will be achieved.  Any relationship where one person tends to give so much and receives less in return is a toxic one. (Click here and tweet this). Its either the loser is holding on based on fear or has nothing to live for anymore.

Have the decency and the humanity to decide on making sure it’s an all profit gig! Anytime a person walks away with all the winnings at the expense of another’s input, they end up heaping it up for another to easily possess. (Click here and tweet this). Nobody invests in anything to lose even though sometimes providence has a way of conducting the affairs of man: we invest in order to receive that which is due us.

Never try to deprive someone of the love, care, money or opportunities they have invested in your life. The few years I have been around has taught me a great lesson: life is lived in stages, people will always grow into sizes. Today might be yours and tomorrow could be for the one you abused or cheated. (Click here and tweet this). You don’t lose when you decide to make it a win-win deal. Rather, you will continue to enhance your life by seeing others profit from a relationship. There are some unspoken spiritual laws that operate in human circles. You don’t need to believe in God to see them operate everyday yet they do.

I have seen many who abused and deprived others of the returns due them yet they never amounted to anything with what wasn’t theirs. (Click here and tweet this). Growing up, I saw many who thought they were all that mattered and didn’t need others. They trampled underfoot the love, finance, time others invested in them but as time went on, they also became casualties of their deeds because they refused to make it a win- win deal.

I love God with every available fibre in me. Serving God all these years has opened my eyes to how God practises the win-win deal I am talking about. He gives seed to the sower. By default the job of the sower is to sow but without credible seeds, he is handicapped. It’s at this point that God steps in out of His generosity to make it a win- win deal with the sower. I give you seeds you go and sow! If the sower obeys and sows according to the agreed vision and principles, he will yield fruits worthy of God blessing. The sower receives the profit whilst the glory goes to God-win-win deal. (Click here and tweet this).

To make it a win-win deal also means to learn to share. Relationship building is an investment that requires the art of sharing. After all SHARING is CARING! The ethos of any relationship should be that of sharing and subsequently caring. (Click here and tweet this). Until we get it right with making it a win-win deal, you will suffer needlessly.

The law of the mirror also comes to play when thinking about a win-win deal. When you stand in front of the mirror you don’t see me you see you. If you don’t like what you see, change it. Thus in any win-win deal, your heart’s desire should be reflected in the way you treat the next person. The person you are in the relationship with is the mirror you reflect yourself in. (Click here and tweet this).You don’t lose in the long run when you understand making everything you do with others a win-win deal is more spiritual than the natural.

Questions: What does it mean to you when we say make it a win-win deal? Do you believe you are being cheated when the scale doesn’t balance in a relationship? Any experience to share? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II


  1. Inspiration coupled with revelation is all we need to change and expand our world (mindset). Pastor, you've done a great exposition of the topic. it's a win-win in relationships. GOD bless you!

  2. Thanks Jay for the inspiring me. I am believing God for mighty things. God bless


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