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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (9) COMMUNICATE !!

Communication is the whole embodiment of what relationship is all about. (Click here and tweet this). Human beings by nature express my ninth commandment of relationship without necessarily voicing anything out. We gesture, blink, facially express ourselves, point fingers here and there all in the name of communication. These are some of the means by which the everyday person communicates. “Communicare” in Latin is translated as communication in English. It means to impart, share, or to make common. To make “common” as per with the definition (in the sense of being equal) resonates with ethos of what a relationship is all about.  

This art of the human expression is as old as the ancient. However, a misapplication of one’s communicative ability only leads to a misunderstanding with the final result being disaster. (Click here and tweet this). When the devil intentionally miscommunicated God’s instruction regarding the eating of the fruit to Adam and Eve, they misapplied it and brought about their own downfall. I am hoping that we all will learn to communicate as God does. He doesn’t communicate until all the matters at hand have well been assessed- it took the hovering of the surface of the deep before God could speak the creative word for things to come into being.

Dr Emerson Eggerichs in his book “Love and respect”, lays emphasis on why men need to be respected and women to be loved. I see it more as a communicational doing rather than just a thoughtful aspect. If you respect someone you will love them and vice versa.  We should endeavour to carry this attitude into our daily endeavours. We can express love and respect through communicating it. We should endeavour to really understand what communication means to people we relate to. Be it through a gesture, a facial expression etc. The reason why I didn’t limit myself to “talking” as the only way to communicate is because it only represents one part of what it’s all about.  The essence of a successful relationship is seen when the people involve truly understand each other’s communication lines. (Click here and tweet this)

It’s said the scarcest commodity in the 21st century will be human attention. Twitter, Facebook, IMessage, Tango etc. are all tools of communication and don’t honestly represent the true essence of what it is.  Your ability to dialogue even when you don’t feel like creates an avenue for all others to express their fears, anxieties, beliefs and their strengths. (Click here and tweet this). Communicating with each other becomes a healing process through which others express themselves to be understood.  A relationship where there isn’t any communication dies a slow death. This will result in the destruction of that which could have been but was never given a chance.

Funny enough there is always something seeking the attention of people in a relationship be it intimate, businesswise or any other. When we fail to connect with those we have dealings with, something of insignificance will crave and subsequently win our attention. (Click here and tweet this). Whatever you feed on so much becomes the god you worship. My line of work has opened my eyes to a lot of the failures people have in intimate, business or any other aspect of human relationships. The greatest secret to any successful relationship is through the free expression of thoughts, ideas, fears, anxiety and vision clearly. (Click here and tweet this). I see this as communication!

Question: What does communication in a relationship mean to you? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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