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Thursday, 7 March 2013


“Do not be deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners.
                                                                                                       1 Corinthians 15:33

May be and a big may be, the prodigal son might have fared well in the country he took his goods to until something happen - he joined himself to a citizen of that country and I believe that brought about his spiralling into doom. (Copy and tweet). His association to a native of this STRANGE country brought down the curtain on his life and whatever he had left. (Copy and tweet).  Don’t we as Christians and good people often associate ourselves to STRANGE things, places and people?
Judas walked with Jesus during His three years ministry and never achieved anything because of his negative attitude towards association. (Copy and tweet). He was part of the twelve handpicked by Jesus but never understood the concept thereof. He never overcome his desire for filthy lucre which subsequently led to his betray of Jesus. Most believers behave similar to what Judas did. They only want the miracle but not the relationship. (Copy and tweet). What they easily forget is that it is the relationship that sustains the miracle. Judas had a negative association with Jesus.
If you are the type searching for the right place, person or purpose to associate with it, kindly understand it takes both prayer and patience to do so. (Copy and tweet). The reason why many are dissatisfied and move from one place to another is because of the associations they have. Out of the many associations here and there, there could be one that deserves your investment of time, money and also attention. Once found, go for it. (Copy and tweet).
Remember whatever you’re associated to by Psychological terms, you will learn from. Whether evil or good, something is learnt. Whatever you learn will enhance your life in a way by either adding or taking value away. (Copy and tweet). You cannot desire the best from an association when you are connected to the worst in thought, action and also in environment. Your life could be better if you can make that shift once and for all. Fear will keep you bound if you don’t break from toxic associations. (Copy and tweet).  
You can’t force friendship. Associations are built based on integrity. (Copy and tweet). Whenever an individual or person in an association becomes obsessed with only benefiting and not adding value, the purpose loses its significance. (Copy and tweet).  I believe it is time for you to re-evaluate the associations you find yourself in and become convinced either to leave or to stay and enhance its significance in your life. (Copy and tweet). The greatest association on earth right now is the one we have the Holy Spirit of God!!

Talk About it-

A. What does association mean to you?
B. Can you share how both a positive and negative association did to you?

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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