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Monday, 11 March 2013


Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; …. - Jeremiah 1:5

The ring has chosen you …you didn’t choose the ring is a popular tagline from the movie “green lantern”.  When something possesses you, it won’t stop until the purpose for which it did so is accomplished. (Copy and tweet). God reserves the absolute power to choose an individual for a purpose He has designed. Normally, it’s always to bring glory to his name and the profit to the person who has been chosen. (Copy and tweet). Apart from those who are chosen for the ministry per se, many have also chosen but for different purposes. (Copy and tweet) Everyone has been anointed for a particular calling and it’s your duty to find it out.

I had always wondered why certain individuals in the bible had to endure the shame of sickness and poverty without explanation. Traditionally it was a belief held amongst people that someone ill or so would have had to dabble in evil for the predicament to have happen. (Copy and tweet). Many at times after they’ve been healed, Jesus will be heard saying go and sin no more. It was my belief they got into that predicament because of the sin in their lives. (Copy and tweet). However, this question by the disciples after they saw a blind man by the road side brought about a change of perception – is this man sick because of his sins or that of his parent? Jesus answered and said he isn’t sick because of any of the held beliefs but that the glory of God will be manifest. (Copy and tweet).

People were chosen and permitted to endure their sicknesses, poverty etc because God wanted to use their situation to bring glory to His name. Truly our ways are not the ways of God! I believe they were also to serve as witnesses apart from the disciples. (Copy and tweet). In the mouth of two or three witnesses a matter is established.  The mad man at Gadarenes is a typical example. He endured evil until Christ brought him liberty. (Copy and tweet). He went about the Decapolis –ten cities testifying of what Jesus can do. If all would have rejected the son of God, it wouldn’t have been those who had a personal encounter with Jesus. (Copy and tweet).

Many of us have been chosen or for the want of a better word “sequestered” for the master’s use. (Copy and tweet). I had the privilege of knowing that God had called me at an early age. Funny enough at that young age and nearly frustrated with the events of life, I honestly didn’t understand what it meant by God choosing you.  Being chosen sets you apart from the rest. (Copy and tweet). I can confidently say that now in my middle thirties, I have a clear understanding of what befuddled me back then. The promises have kept me going inspite of the difficulties that I have encountered.

My calling came through a prophecy. What if no prophecy had been rendered would it have negated the calling of God? It wouldn’t as prophecy isn’t the only way by which God calls His chosen.  Jesus said the work of God is plenteous but the labourers are few. (Copy and tweet). Alas, many are being called into the work of God from outside the orthodox means. (Copy and tweet).

The era has passed where orthodox means were used to measure the calling of God. (Copy and tweet). Jesus spoke of a parable of labourers who were hired at different hours of the day but were paid the same amount of money. What kind of farmer looks for labourers just when the work is about to finish and yet pays everyone the same? The unorthodox God does that! Some are being called through sickness, pain, loss of children, loss of business and other unholy avenues yet it is the same God. (Copy and tweet). 

Talk About it-

A. What does it mean to be chosen by God?
B. Do you know exactly what you've been chosen in?

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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