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Friday, 15 March 2013


Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; …. - Jeremiah 1:5

From my little walk with God, anytime men set up conventional means by which they expected Him to prove His power, He bypasses it in order to usher in something His way. (Copy and tweet).  God loves using the unconventional means to prove himself!  No one chosen by God became great based on the standards of men of his days. It’s always been by God’s own methods which never resonates with that of men. (Copy and tweet).

If you are going to measure your calling by man’s standard you will never amount to the pedigree God called you to. (Copy and tweet). When I look back, the early days of in ministry were quite embarrassing.  Ministry wasn’t the job people around thought of for an academically brilliant young man like myself. As I look back, everyone I was measured by is nowhere close to how far God has brought me. (Copy and tweet).

To be chosen by God is a privilege! (Copy and tweet).  Everyone that experienced this privilege came out with tonnes of testimonies and experiences that has transcended generations beyond them. Interestingly God has never gone for the prudent nor the well positioned. (Copy and tweet). From Elisha the farmer, Japheth the son of a harlot, Esther the orphan, David the shepherd and others who became mighty men and woman of God, it’s evident that you don’t need earthly accolades before being chosen. (Copy and tweet). Infact if God decides to choose you, no power or authority will be able to save you from his hands.

God chose us for a purpose. The scripture is very succinct in explaining what God’s desire is when He chooses you. When He chooses, He ordains and then commissions. (Copy and tweet). In our case we are to go and bear fruit and that the fruit should remain. No one is chosen without a seed. God gives seeds to the sower and expects it to be sown. Every endeavour on earth starts with a seed. (Copy and tweet). Whatever you are doing now might be what you’ve been seeded for.  The evidence of a gift in a person is the fruit they bear. Your fruit should determine your seed which will inadvertently show what your calling is. (Copy and tweet).

Many of us have been marking time for far too long. Whilst others are waiting for favourable conditions before they make a move. (Copy and tweet). They are waiting for the approval of men as opposed to that from God. The God who has chosen you understands your weaknesses. (Copy and tweet).  Do as He has told you and receive the blessings do you. When you do something with your gifts, the glory goes to God and the goods come to you.
The gift or the calling upon the life of a person will make room for them.

Until a gift or calling is in motion, the doors to certain room destined for you won’t happen. (Copy and tweet). When you make the move inspite of your challenges, doors to certain rooms in your destiny will open. The reason is simple- great men have places they gather. It will take your gift to access the place great men gather. (Copy and tweet).  Anyone chosen by God ended well as long as they obeyed the instructions concerning their calling.

Talk About it-

A. What does it mean to be chosen by God?
B. Do you know exactly what you've been chosen in?

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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