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Monday, 25 March 2013

4SignsThatLeadsToCheating - (1) LackOfContentment

Cheating doesn't mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with a third party. (Copy and tweet). Once you find yourself deleting texts and e-mails so your partner won’t see them, you are already there. Hiding your phone calls from your partner, cutting off Skype, Tango or Viber conversations whilst pretending you aren’t getting reception etc, then cheating is going on. (Copy and tweet).

One of my friends said something the other day which really made sense - cheating begins in the heart and not only when the act has been consummated. (Copy and tweet). It’s interesting how many assume cheating is only in the consummation. There is the thinking, planning and execution of what you desire to do. The person you lust after on Twitter, Facebook, in your mind…oh what about the undressing of people with your eyes etc..??? (Copy and tweet).

Easily you can lose interest in the person you promised to love till death when you lack contentment. (Copy and tweet). I told a men’s meeting the other day that for most men, the major problem is the second look. The first doesn’t create any problems until your mind tells you to go for a second look. It takes the second look and that is what always leads to cheating! (Copy and tweet).

Looking over the fence you might think the grass is greener until you actually go over.  You will find out that there are some dead grasses even with the so-called green grass. (Copy and tweet). Until you learn to tend your own, you will forever be stretching and maybe overstretching your neck to look at the other side. (Copy and tweet)

In dealing with a lot of cases, the challenge has been to really decipher what the root cause is. I can confidently say that in my books the lack of contentment is one of the major reasons why people cheat. No one is perfect but learning to be happy with the person you are with goes a long way to help you be steady. To like someone can be instantaneous but to love someone is to learn to work with them. (Copy and tweet). Relationships is a partnership not a one sided event!

Being content allows you to be at peace with who the other is and what they bring along into the relationship. Contentment is the underpin for longevity. (Copy and tweet). The lack of it stops a person short from getting to the place of their intention.

Here is a simple 3minutes step to help you
A.   Identify what creates the discontentment
B.    Learn to talk about it
C.    Work towards appreciating each other

Talk About it-

A. What does it mean to be content in a relationship?
B. What do you think creates the lack of contentment?

In His Service

J. Akuoko II

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