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Monday, 24 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (2.2) #WhereDoYouWantToGo #FINDINGYOURTHERE

“Life is in stages men are in sizes: go through the stages and watch God increase you in size”. JA II

Everyone at some point in life will be burnt by events.  You are going to be static or upwardly mobile because of what someone somewhere might say to you in terms of your purpose. (Copy and tweet).  It is by virtue of this that you should give yourself another chance and push towards the vision. Those who don’t give up in the dark times will surely see the light. (Copy and tweet).

Failure can be a stepping stone to success if only you will apply the lessons learnt during the failing. At some point in your life a person can become a victim of their circumstances but can also emerge as victors from it. (Copy and tweet). Can you give yourself this great opportunity and pick up the pieces? Because I know at first-hand what it means to be a victim yet being tagged a perpetrator-this is the attitude of society where oftentimes victims are tagged perpetrators. 

Everyone has a “but” yet your “but” should be one that will defy the negatives of the naysayers. (Copy and tweet). I recently heard about “negative motivation”. Some negative situations can become the push a person needs in order to take charge of their life. Everything that happens in a person’s life has some good in it. The way you perceive the situation is what matters. (Copy and tweet).

You cannot allow this opportunity to embark on your journey pass you by. Providence often provides us with scenarios and people but when we fail to make use of, they pass us by. (Copy and tweet). Having the audacity to dare your circumstances is a right God has freely given to every human being. It is not late as they want you to believe. Life is in stages men are in sizes: go through the stages and watch God increase you in size. (Copy and tweet).

Life for you is never going to be fulfilling unless you appear at your “there”. (Copy and tweet).  A Ghanaian proverb says “as long as we have life, we have everything”. It is an advantage to be alive.  If that which you went through did not kill you, it acknowledges you have the power to be an overcomer. It just came to test your fortitude. (Copy and tweet). 

My purpose is to encourage and also help you get to the place you have always wanted to with these easy and every day steps. I am practising what I have written so I truly empathize with every sentiments you might have. I have seen progress in a lot of stuff with where I want to go. Surely you too can. In all human journeys, these three fundamentals stand out- your map, Baggage, and destination. (Copy and tweet). You can get to your “there”!

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