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Monday, 10 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (1.2) DISCOVER YOU

"...And God created "YOU" in His IMAGE (paraphrased).

There isn’t any nobility in copying yet for many, it seems it’s the easy way out. Finding your own path in life and being guided by divine principles gives peace more than just following others because something worked for them.  (Copy and tweet). Things don’t work for everyone the same way: what worked for someone wouldn’t necessarily work for you. There is so much nobility in being a pioneer! Every one that made a name in history and in our times was bold enough to pioneer something. (Copy and tweet).

Funny enough, if you want to be successful, the best pill to swallow is the one labelled “you can’t do it”.  (Copy and tweet). That which is stored in you has been crying to be let out in order to be expressed. Your duty and the greatest service to yourself and those whose lives are tied to yours is to do something with what you’ve been blessed with.  Remember the enormity of the work of artistry that went into creating you!

The question “who are you” carries with it so much potency that if you will spend time introspectively to search and to ask questions, you’ll be furnished with all the possible answers. (Copy and tweet).  Countless number of people spends their lives worshipping others for their ingenuity, yet fails to make use or watch their opportunities go waste. (Copy and tweet). Grave mistake! I have every right to applaud someone for their skill or ability but I have no right to sit and watch my own go waste. (Copy and tweet). You are not different from the winner in terms of gifts, abilities and sometimes opportunities.  Your difference is found in whether you will act or not on a given opportunity.

My mother instilled in me the value of understanding the power of one’s self. She made sure I understood that anytime something holds you bound, you will never experience the fullness of what you could have become. (Copy and tweet). It will be painful to go through life and never win. It’s even more heart wrenching when you knew you could have won but never yielded when the opportunity arose. (Copy and tweet).

I am great not because a person conferred it on me but because I am learning to understand who I am. (Copy and tweet). You are truly great when you understand yourself! With God being the ultimate, the greatest asset you have before you embark on any quest be it educational, financial or relational is you. If God has been so faithful in not taking “you” away from “you”, then you ought to win. Why? Because the future matters!

From the way I see it, only a few have truly paid the price to understand themselves before engaging with the realities of life. (Copy and tweet). The future I believe belongs to those who understand these three controlling factors- Self- Awareness, Self- Upliftment and Self- Empowerment. This is what will hinge a person onto a foundation from which they can build enduring success. Your future is waiting for you to win it over! (Copy and tweet).

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