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Monday, 3 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (1.1) DISCOVER YOU

"Cogito Ergo sum": I think therefore I am” - Rene Descartes

Success or failure begins with the “individual”. Nothing will ever happen without your involvement. (Copy and tweet).  I have constantly emphasised on the fact that a person who desire to win should take all the time available to them and do this –study into understanding who they are. All that mass education did was to teach us what others said and did. However, the education we receive from life teaches us to understand who we are and the power freely given to us by God. (Copy and tweet).

We are groomed to be nice, do a lot and go the extra mile for others. We have been conditioned by society to relate to others better than ourselves. Thus many of us walk around with a mindset of guilt if they can’t answer to the demand of the next person. (Copy and tweet). Try making sure you matter first and you are termed selfish. The bible said love your neighbour as yourself – meaning give to your neighbour the same love you have for yourself.  You Matter first in all things! For me, a person’s true value and sense of worth can only be discovered when painstakingly they take time to discover themselves. (Copy and tweet). I believe that it’s only through a person’s self-discovery that they can conquer the challenges of life.

True self- discovery can be equated to self- awareness! (Copy and tweet). It’s only in undertaking the journey of self- discovery that the revelation needed for your success can be found. Human nature is such that we all love winning and hate losing yet only a few are prepared to pursue this simplest strategy of self-discovery in order to win the future. (Copy and tweet). 

The journey to winning the future starts with you I repeat! Patience is the key as you embark on this journey.  Eventually the one who dares wait and exercises patience gets the results. (Copy and tweet). Patience after all is a virtue! Providence often rejects us when we fail to maximise all the gifts and opportunities we've been blessed with but rather question its intentions by our fears and weaknesses. (Copy and tweet). Until you "DISCOVER YOU", your winnings will always be enjoyed by someone. The future is nebulous yet the preparation that starts with you is what will propel you into winning the future. (Copy and tweet).

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A. What other things do you think can "HELP" us win the future?

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