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Thursday, 20 June 2013

#5StepsOnWinningTheFuture - (2.1) #WhereDoYouWantToGo #FIGHTINGTHECAUSE

“If you dare your circumstances,you'll find their weaknesses and win over them.”JA II 

The only thing no one can take from you is the power of your imagination. Your imagination allows you to have a preview of how glorious and victorious it will be for you to get to your “there”. (Copy and tweet). Reality sets in when you descend from your imaginative world to meet the ugly face of your challenges. This should push you to realise it takes a lot of smart work to get you to the place of your intended vision. Without the practical, living life will unexciting. (Copy and tweet).

Staying within the confines of your imaginative abilities without doing anything is equated to “wishing”.  Take the necessary steps needed as you wouldn’t have any solutions to your problems except when you begin to act. (Copy and tweet). Your greatness will not be achieved in a day, month nor in a year but the seeds for it can be sown immediately. (Copy and tweet). There are some who postpone their journey every year and are never up for it. One of these days means none of these days as an old English proverb states.

We are quick to blame most who have no desire to pursue their “there” anymore. On the contrary, many are reeling from the shock they might have suffered in their quests and unfortunately are still recovering from it. I believe it is painful when you have been exposed to several failures. Anyone can deal with failure at some point but when the cycle keeps repeating, it kills the resilient Spirit you once started with. (Copy and tweet).

As a result, many lose the fervor to push forward in the face of eminent failure and debilitating issues. (Copy and tweet). These things have the tendency to affect your self-belief and make it difficult for you to garner strength to carry on with the journey. For my brothers and sisters who have had such an unfortunate experience, this is a reality of life. The meaning you give to these unfortunate situations is what matters. (Copy and tweet).  It is within your power to turn these situations around as everyone has been endowed by their creator.

You did not lose when things went sour: you lost when you decided not to dare your circumstances anymore. (Copy and tweet). The failure happened when you sat down and began looking adversely at you and what you have done.  The failure happened because of your doings not because of you as a person. No human being fails per se, their endeavours do. Don’t be too quick to write yourself off. (Copy and tweet). Visit your memory bank of your past victories and this should stir you up to try once more. 

There is no impossibility without a possibility- check the spelling! (Copy and tweet).  Even if you should separate the “im” from the rest of the word impossibility, you have “I ‘m possibility”. (Copy and tweet). When in humility you accept that you’ve made some mistakes, you are given the power to live and win again. (Copy and tweet). You have to pick up the pieces and begin to live life to the max again. It’s in this that strength and joy can be found again in doing that which you have always wanted to do. 

Talk About It -

A. Have you ever thought of giving up, not once, nor twice but severally? 


Joe Akuoko II

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