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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

“3Pees” Of Life ~ PREPARATION!!

Thou preparest….

Preparation! Not many want to go through it if we will be honest. It is one of the most excruciating moments of a person’s life especially when the question of peer pressure and threat of living with failure comes to mind. (Click here and tweet this). Imagine being powerful yet had to remain silent for eighteen years before you are allowed to make your move? Jesus experienced it, I have experienced it and you also might be experiencing. People saw a “King” in David when slew Goliath yet he had to run because it wasn’t his time. He had to run because he knew it wasn’t his time. David understood what PREPARTION is all about thus he was willing to wait and go through the process.

The gift, talents, skills you possesses comes in their raw form. The factory of life would have to stretch you so you can mature in the handling of what God has given you. (Click here and tweet this). Patience, character and attitude are the most important components you need in your preparation period. Until you begin to see as God wants you to, there will always be a delay in the reason why God had to take you through preparation. Your gift, talent or skill will take you anywhere in life, but do you have the prepared character to sustain yourself? Once you have been prepared, you can have longevity in your sphere of your endeavour.

Moses, one of the greatest leaders histories will ever produce, had to go through forty years of PREPARATION before being released. From a prince to being a fugitive of the Egyptian penal system, God prepared him for forty years before being release at eighty. He encountered so much changes going through the preparation period. The process bred in him a divine level of maturity to handle difficult issues. When everyone around him wanted to give up, he could easily inquire on the Lord for his next move. Patience is such a powerful virtue that any one called onto greater works needs to pray for it. (Click here and tweet this). For preparation without patience only leads to a destruction and disgrace.

Questions: What does preparation mean to you? Have you gone through a period of preparation before? Has having the patience to be prepared produced result? Kindly leave your comments on the blog!!!

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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