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Monday, 15 October 2012

3DangerousTeoplesOfRelationships- (2)The Taker

Hi, my name is the taker and I will take everything from you without any remorse. By the time I am done with you, your heart, money and everything dear to you would have been taken….oh taken for granted. Others saw through me and warned you of my schemes but it fell on deaf ears. They know my history yet because I had you locked down, it was difficult to believe what they were saying. Lol! I doubt if anybody introduces themselves in such a manner yet on the contrary, they do so all the time. I think we get so caught up with getting rid of the sticks we forget the hay.  (Click here and tweet this). 

Lust takes, love gives! (Click here and tweet this). Fortunately for me, am in your life to lust after you and nothing else. Lust has never given so I can’t give anything:it only takes and that is what am in your life for. I am not capable of giving back…I just take and leave you dry. We have two diametrically opposed visions for this spurious relationship. I have become too callous to feel any emotion towards the next person.  How sad that beautiful people both soulishly and emotionally often get taken and so for granted. (Click here and tweet this). 

You probably know a person who might have experienced the scheming and overwhelming power of a “taker”. The takers nature is this- he/she delights in spending the little they’ve accumulated from the previous victim on you. They do so to the point that they’ve you emotionally blackmailed. Obviously if someone does so much for you, it will be difficult to refuse them help when they are in need. (Click here and tweet this). Once they’ve prepared you for their scheme, they come up with all sorts of ideas to rip you off of what you have. It’s even deeper when there has been a sexual intimacy between the two of you. 

For those of you who go about just sleeping with anyone without due respect for the word of God, be careful. (Click here and tweet this). Whenever you sleep with anyone who isn't in your destiny, you carry their ills for the rest of your life until the soul tie is severed. Might sound nonsense for 21st century human beings right?. Hey, God's word never lies. Selah! That is why God’s desire is for one to wait on Him to be given the person who will be your life mate till death do you part. The only thing to severe your souls should be death when you connect with the right person.

I believe people in a relationship should desire to give to each other. Love isn’t only in words but also in deeds. (Click here and tweet this). Yet, when the scale tilts constantly in one’s favour and the others' disfavour, there ought to be a pause for reflection. (Click here and tweet this).  I don’t believe one party should bare all the burden of the other. When respect is at a max, each should strive to maintain their dignity even if the need is so pressing.

My position has afforded me privilege information regarding many who've encountered such situations and done so bitterly. They thought it was their break until they woke up to realise it was only a game by a confidence trickster. (Click here and tweet this). Some don’t only part with their resources but also end up being maimed forever psychologically, all because of the “taker”. (Click here and tweet this). Such individuals are now bitter and suspicious of any potential and genuine helper. 

Finally the nature of the taker is like that of the devil- to steal, to kill and to destroy.(Click here and tweet this). Since ancient times, the devil has only taken and never given back. Even when you think he gives, he takes back more than he gave. However that of Christ is to give and give more than you can even ask for. (Click here and tweet this). To "Take" is only the second name of the taker. Wait till you hear of this third and last name.....

To unmask the “taker”, here are a few simple tips-
A.   Watch out for unfilled promises from them.
B.    Allow your conscience and intuition coupled with the Spirit of God to lead you.
C.    Don’t be quick to part with especially money in a relationship.

Question: Why do people often get caught up in the web of the “taker”?

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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