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Thursday, 18 October 2012

3DangerousTeoplesOfRelationships- (3)The “Trasher”

Ever seen an insect caught in the web of the spider? It’s a sad state of affairs! Inspite of how hard it tries to free itself, it ends up being entangled in the web which finally kills it. (Click here and tweet this). If you’ve been "tracked" up on till now, then am sure you’ve been caught in the deceptive web of the "taker".  Hence you would have parted with that which was saved for the right person. The final showdown will be to see your efforts i.e. love, care, time and money all thrashed. His last name is the "trasher".

I guess there is nothing painful than for someone to take your efforts for granted. The human soul dies so many times when the ones we love take the love for granted. More so when well-meaning efforts are trampled underfoot. Love has a way of weakening even the strongest soul! (Click here and tweet this). In the movie "King Kong" remade, Jack Black is heard saying Love was what killed the animal after the gorilla fell from the skyscraper onto the ground dead. 

Being in love doesn’t negate a person’s responsibility in securing themselves. (Click here and tweet this). Too many of us jump straight away into the arms of a “stranger” without taking  time to study or understand what they stand for- values, vision and vicissitudes.

For those who are in the habit of spurning the love of others be careful. Why lead someone on if you haven't got any plans for a relationship? There is nothing dangerous than a snake that has been maimed.(Click here and tweet this). Not everyone forgive easily and people will always want a payback one way or the other. (Click here and tweet this). The "trasher" embodies the venom of a dangerous cobra on a mission to take hearts and destroy them. (Click here and tweet this). He is set for destruction and none but his/her own deeds will end the cycle. Anyone caught in his web will be a victim.

I sometimes wonder why people still hold on when blatantly nothing is working in their favour in the relationship. (Click here and tweet this). I have met people who assumed the position of a “messiah” in the life of the "trasher" and thought they could change them- save them from what has plagued them all this while. Many convince themselves that its not the trasher's fault but something that happened to them. (Click here and tweet this). Never act like the one sent from above to change such a one. For your information, you can’t change any human being except they are willing to. (Click here and tweet this). On the contrary, run for your life when you encounter one.

If you travelled this far when you were tracked/tricked into believing you had a genuine opportunity to share love with someone, then obviously you’ve had some things taken. If taken, then the last stages of his plans- to thrash your efforts are at work. The only means by which you can free yourself is to cry to God for strength to walk out of the door before something worse than what you’ve encountered happens. Don’t wait till you lose your sense of being before you recognise that everything you held dear has been thrashed by the "trasher". (Click here and tweet this).

To unmask the “trasher”, here are some simple tips-
A.   Accept you can’t change events but can rather change you.
B.    Accept your losses and make amends where necessary.
C.    Pray to God to strengthen you as you make a break from the “trasher”.

Question: Why do people find it difficult to leave the “trasher” behind?

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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