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Monday, 22 October 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (1) Dreams

In the book the “Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho makes an assertion that “every person when young seems to have a dream but over time there appears to be a genie who works his magic to dry it all up”. Only a few truly end up where they had already envisaged. (Copy and tweet this). Until you understand it’s your God-given right to turn your dreams into a reality, just dreaming will be a waste of your faculties. (Copy and tweet this).  
In the opening chapter of the movie “pretty woman”, a man is shown walking on a street shouting “what’s your dream, everyone comes to Hollywood with a dream”? True and truer again, everyone has a dream and has the right to it. (Copy and tweet this). They also have the right to find the environment that is conducive in which to nurture and turn the dream into a reality. (Copy and tweet this). For me, it was moving from my country of birth into a new place before the fullness of what God created me for could be manifested.
Every human being has something they wish they could achieve. Some after trying for a while throw in the towel and abandon the whole endeavour. Nothing of worth has ever been gotten on a silver platter. (Copy and tweet this). Whatever you enjoy using- be it a car, TV, mobile phone all came through the dream of others. You not pursuing your dream , leaves you unfulfilled,makes you a cheat and the next generation with nothing. (Copy and tweet this).
A wise man said the cemetery represents a place that is rich in dreams, aims and aspirations. (Copy and tweet this). I never understood it until recently when the light hit home. Many died unfulfilled and never achieved their dreams or the “I wishes” of this life. Some were waiting for favourable conditions and others for the help from family or government. Whilst others chose the path of least resistance as they looked at the enormity of the price to pay. 
What is your dream? What eats you up anytime you go to bed or wake up? What do you normally talk about, think or meditate on when all others are busy doing something else? What ills in society do you want to correct? You don't need to create dreams, they already reside in your spirit. Dreams don't only reside in your spirit, they justify your existence. (Copy and tweet this).
The reason why you are still in existence might be because of the yet to be fulfilled dreams that lies untapped in you. As long as you have a dream, there is hope that someday, sometime, someone or a situation might trigger its relevance. (Copy and tweet this). Your refusal to pursue and work your dream out will result in your poverty and lack of fulfillment. One of the greatest injuries you can inflict on yourself will be your inaction to be whom you have always desired to be. (Copy and tweet this).

God is generous to have left something called a "dream" within you. If He did so, then He can also lead you to the resources you need in order to turn your dream into a reality. Great people never underestimate the power of their dreams! If you pay the price, life will reward you with proceeds of your dream. (Copy and tweet this). Great people first start off with their dreams! This is their first secret.

Questions: What’s does having a dream mean to you? Let me know your thoughts

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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