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Monday, 29 October 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (3) Beliefs

Even nothing produces something called nothing! (Copy and tweet this). No single human being on earth can claim that they don’t have any beliefs. Is there anything like a vacuum when it comes to beliefs? I doubt! Your beliefs go a long way to shape the way you live your life. (Copy and tweet this). Whatever you believe in has the power to shape your thoughts, words, habits and actions. (Copy and tweet this).  

The common denominator or pointer for most beliefs is normally religion- whether organised or self- thought.  You can also consider superstitions as being a sort of belief either handed down or self-taught. (Copy and tweet this). It shows how we are in awe of that which we cannot comprehend. Deep within the core of every human being is a system of beliefs they live by. It’s something that God wired into the DNA of man and it cannot be disputed. (Copy and tweet this).   

From a religious perspective, worship of a deity has been central to the existence of almost every human being. (Copy and tweet this). When the Apostle Paul saw the inscription “to the unknown god”, on the altar on Mars hill, he knew it was an opportunity to introduce the people to the true but unknown God they had been searching for.  

Aside religion, we all have various things we believe in. We find peace and tranquility whenever we activate or access that belief system. (Copy and tweet this). I believe in God through Jesus Christ, smart work, talents and skills, humanity, the acquisition of both secular and biblical knowledge, traditional family values, in faith rather than luck and my list could go on. I have tried to exist in this life and even in the face of uncertainty by holding on to what my belief teaches. (Copy and tweet this). This is what has created the faith I have about breaking through in my tomorrow. By this and every little effort made, a person is able to win without any encumbrances. 

A person’s ability to know who they are stems from the beliefs that form the core of their existence. This becomes a reference point in all matters pertaining to their life. You need to maintain and keep challenging your belief system as life goes on. It allows you to strengthen where you are weak and let go of outmoded ones . What you believe in most becomes the fundamental “belief tower”. (Copy and tweet this). 

You serve and live this life based on the most important belief you have. An individual cannot be different from what they believe in. We speak, act and even associate based on what we have belief in. The belief that human enhancement is vital empowers a person to stretch their abilities wide and far. (Copy and tweet this). To live for flimsy things and to satisfy the whims of the flesh cuts short a person’s desire for longevity. (Copy and tweet this).

Many have been blessed and have had their lives changed because they found out that in belief they can exercise faith. You do believe in something! I hope you will find time to discover what it is. However I pray yours will be in God and also to uplift and better the lives of others. The question you should be asking yourself however is this- is your belief system adequate enough to help you survive hard times? (Copy and tweet this). If not, desire to change it. The third secret of great people  is that they have beliefs.

Questions: What is your belief system like? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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