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Thursday, 25 October 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (2) Values

What values do you esteem most in your life? Everybody has got values whether corrupted or not. The two significant ways by which a person comes about with their values are handed down and self-acquired or learnt values. (Copy and tweet this).  This is what drives the engine of vision and success. We are afforded an opportunity to either change or maintain the values we have as we go through life. (Copy and tweet this). Every human being has got something they will die for rather than change. In order to be great, accepting your values and the estimation you put on them will help you to be in sync with your ability to win easily. 

The ability to work with your values stops you from being distracted from the purpose you’ve set yourself for. (Copy and tweet this). This will determine how far you go in life. Unfortunately, every value you esteem now might not be adequate and significant enough for the vision you’ve set yourself for. That is why you should have a teachable spirit so you can learn from others what you might need as you go along. This is also true for the values we were either raised with or have learnt by ourselves.

When I was a child I use to think like a child. Now that I have become a man.... I am empowered to think like a man.(Copy and tweet this). Freedom to be is a must if you want to clearly define what your values are. If you depend constantly on others like children do, definitely others will dictate for you and even pass on their values to you. Once you become fully matured,
 there needs to be a total overhauling of every handed down value.

It is by experiencing certain situations and circumstances and even maturing that we find the values most appropriate and needful for us. You should also constantly make sure you adapt to change. A person at some point should desire to work totally on overhauling their value system. (Copy and tweet this). It will be incredulous to hold on to values which have no meaning or significance to your current situation or position. 

Every level, age or situation a person encounters or is at demands a shift or a shake in their value system. (Copy and tweet this). Those who don’t make it in life often times find it difficult to give in even when it’s evident they need to change. Being rigid in the face of overwhelming evidence only leads to emptiness. (Copy and tweet this). The beauty of life is much seen when we change and re-change to be in sync with what we have been called to do. (Copy and tweet this).

The book of Proverbs says that if you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small. One of these days, adversity will rise. You don’t have to be good or evil for it to come. Those who prepare towards the evil day, survive. When you pretend your values are unshakable, you will only find out that they might be weak, outmoded and unusable. (Copy and tweet this).

It easy to get carried away by every whim of life but if a person is grounded in solid values, the difference wouldn't be very much. (Copy and tweet this). Traditional family values, honesty, humanity, hard work (smart work), loyalty, charity are universally accepted and it is a language all humankind speaks and they can be emulated. However you might have your own set of values which you live by in your quest to win in life. 

But remember if they are weak, corrupted and lack honesty, you will always be found out. (Copy and tweet this). This is the second secret of great people. They have values which have been tested by time yet are unshakable.

Questions: What do you value most? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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