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Thursday, 4 October 2012

3SecretsOfProgressivePeople ~ (2) GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!

“Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house to a land that I will show you"~ Genesis 12:1

You’ve heard a thousand times that comfort zones destroy people so therefore get out. Yet every day in and out, it seems many still get caught up in the embrace. Why? Any person used by God was called to leave something behind. (Click here and tweet this) A typical example is Abraham. God demanded that  he separated from his family. Though the promises of God concerning him were enticing, there were things he dreaded. This I believe was the reason why he asked his father and his nephew to come along. 

He brought along the "just in cases" we all sometimes carry along in executing the plans of God.  We make plans for failure and not success most of the times! (Click here and tweet this). God knew Abraham's own people were his comfort zone and without a separation, it will be difficult to do something great with him.God never said anything meaningful to Abraham as long as Lot was with him. (Click here and tweet this).
A Comfort zone can be a character trait, lifestyle or an attitude a person has been familiar with over the years and finds it difficult to let go. (Click here and tweet this). This could be handed down or self-acquired! Such ones will defend their comfort zones with every excuse and weapon available. Comfort zones create illusions about life and make you accept your state and never allow you to aspire higher. (Click here and tweet this). Your comfort zone may seem helpful but in the nutshell do you more harm than good. (Click here and tweet this). 
Elijah was only used to being in command and was not prepared for the other side of his of work. He was accustomed to seeing only the victorious side of the anointing of God but not the testing side.When Jezebel’s death threats shook him, he demanded that God killed him. If you stay too long in a particular place, you create a comfort zone difficult to give up. (Click here and tweet this).

If there is anything you can do, it will be to get out of your comfort zone. A few years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds ago, you promised to let go but up on till now, no change. Someday might come and go without breaking free if you don't seize your moment. Carpe Diem! (Click here and tweet this).

When God calls you, he displaces you to reposition you. (Click here and tweet this). God loves to create a disorder in our plans so that His plans will become pre-eminent in your life. (Click here and tweet this). If you don’t move nothing around you moves. Be prepared to enter into a defined state of your life by getting out or giving up your zone. (Click here and tweet this).  One of the most powerful things God did was to hand over your will to you. His mindset was not to control you as a robot but allow you to make decisions and choices on our own because He respects your abilities. Your will is your life! What you decide to do is what will happen and no one can stop it. (Click here and tweet this). 

"Will thou be made whole" Jesus asks the man at the pool of Bethesda ? Jesus never prayed for him but only made mention of what his problem was. His bed had become his comfort zone! May be its time you make the minor adjustments so you can have a major turnaround in your live. (Click here and tweet this). Progressive people are quick to determine if something, a place or thought pattern is becoming a comfort zone. If it has, they are quick to get out!

To break free from any comfort zone, here are some suggestions~
a.     Be honest and identify what your comfort zone is.
b.    Retrace the steps on how you got there
c.     Let your pain of losing out because of the comfort zone motivate you to want to break free
d.     Never forget to pray to God for help in breaking free

Question: How did you/are you planning to break free from your comfort zone? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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