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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

"3Pees" Of Life ~ PRODUCTION!!

"But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixty fold…."

Life is all about results! No one wants to waste time around empty “bragging and dragging. (Click here and tweet this). If you are going to talk, at least show us the money! Your result in life determines the places you go and the people you see. (Click here and tweet this). Notable people are recognised because of the results they have. Many people talk about their great aspirations, visions and dreams and how they plan to achieve it. Yes I know we all ought to at some point but spare me the talk when it’s time for action. Meet them the next time and they have already given up or have a gamut of excuses here and there. I repeat LIFE IS ABOUT RESULTS. A little secret – laws in any nation are enacted to favour the rich. Guess why?  

When the sower was out sowing, he never envisaged some of his precious seeds will fall on rocky, patchy or thorny  and wayside ground. His intention was to sow all in a good ground in order to reap well. But life has a way it thwarts dreams and aspirations.(Click here and tweet this). May be you’ve be challenged in the same way with your talents, skills and abilities over the years. As long as we don’t control the elements, our dreams and aspirations are subject to their buffeting. (Click here and tweet this). Regardless, you should secure the remaining seeds and learn how to sow in a good soil for results. When God blesses you with the seed, you find the good soil to sow! If your cycle of failure keeps repeating when you’ve been blessed with seeds to sow, the fault is with you. (Click here and tweet this).

Not to be productive is against the law of fruition for any person with seeds. God gives seeds to the sower for results yet it’s the duty of the sower to sow in a good ground. (Click here and tweet this). Remember the story of the king and his three stewards? The one who complain bitterly of having only one talent was brutally dealt with when the King came back. What we are not told is that the king spent his time and effort to train them before handing over to them the talents. Every circumstance you encountered prepared you for this time. Don’t disappoint yourself!

You can have the world’s greatest talent, skill or ability but if it’s not exposed to and in the right environment, you are doomed. (Click here and tweet this). How much result are you aiming at? The mystery of having results is this; the next generation matters.  Go and produce!!

Questions: What does it mean to you to have results? Do you have any strategy to be fruitful?
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Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II


  1. You are a true role model!!!!! Inspired!

  2. Wow, this is good read, an truth! "life is (for sure) about results"!


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