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Thursday, 23 August 2012


"Cogito Ergo sum": I think therefore I am” - Rene Descartes

Success or failure begins with the “individual”. Nothing will ever happen without your involvement. (Click here and tweet this). We have been conditioned by society to relate to others better than we have been thought to do for ourselves. We find it easy being nice or going the extra mile for others. How many truly do so much for themselves? For me, the true value of a person is discovered when they take time to understand themselves. It’s through this that they can muster courage to face the challenges and hardships of tomorrow. We all hate losing but yet at the same time love winning- it starts with you.

The journey to being your best begins with “you". Patience is the hall mark as you embark on this journey. The sport of Angling to me seems daunting. Most of the time the angler has to wait for several hours before the fish bites the bait. Deep within the Angler is the desire to catch fish no matter how long it takes or how smart the animal might prove to be. Eventually, the one who dares wait gets the results. Providence often rejects us when we fail to maximise all the gifts and opportunities we have been blessed with. (Click here and tweet this)

Finding ones’ own path in life and being guided by divine principles produces inner peace. (Click here and tweet this) What worked for someone wouldn’t necessarily work for you. There is so much respect in being a pioneer! When faced with doubt and uncertainty about “you”, never forget the work of artistry that went into creating “you”. To define you carries with it so much potency that if the average individual will spend time and pay the price, he will be astonished. Many spend their lives worshipping others for their ingenuity yet fail to make scratch or make use of their opportunities.

There seem to be a deep desire to win when raised in scarcity. Personally being raised with not so enough instilled in me the desire to define me and subsequently move ahead to win. I believe this is what has informed my desire to see my friends, congregation, and anyone I come across in this life win. It’s even more heart wrenching when you knew you could have won but never yielded when the opportunity arose. (Click here and tweet). My mother made sure I understood that anytime something holds you bound, you will never experience the fullness of what you could have become.

I am great not because a person conferred it on me, but because I am learning to understand who I am. (Click here and tweet this). You are truly great when you understand yourself! The chaos we have in our world is due to people doing the wrong things in the wrong places at the wrong time with the wrong attitudes.

QUESTION: Who are you? How do you define you?
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Joe Akuoko II                     

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