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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

#My10CommandmentsOfRelationships ~ (7) APPRECIATE!

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls please stick to the rivers and the lakes you’re used to” is a song by TLC which was quite popular when we were in our teens. It resonates with my next commandment when in a relationship- “APPRECIATION”.  I believe people who cheat do so because they never appreciate what they have. (Click here and tweet this).

Appreciation I believe means to increase in value without any further look into the dictionary. Every commandment we’ve learnt so far regarding relationship connects to this commandment of “appreciation”. When the attraction is mutual, you relate to your kind which also means you go for what you need. It’s only through this that you can have a common vision for the purpose set forth. Finally you will understand why I have been saying make it a win- win deal. I doubt if you will hurt someone you truly respect. (Click here and tweet this).

Appreciation becomes the next commandment to practise. Until you are satisfied with what you have, you will never put value on it or appreciate it.  Personally and from others I have remonstrated, not being appreciated is the worst that can happen to the desire a person has in relating. Ever killed yourself for someone or for a purpose and not received even a nod or word of appreciation? You felt angry and disenfranchised. You know why…there is an innate desire in everyone to be patted on the back, given a look of acceptance and to be told thank you. (Click here and tweet this).

Appreciation is what empowers a person into doing more and also exceed or stretch themselves beyond the norm. (Click here and tweet this). It stirs within you a supernatural ability that transcends your everyday strength.  The currency for longevity and promotion is “APPRECIATION”. Society is now been filled with whiners and complainers. We complain almost about everything without due appreciation for the things we freely have. Others  will relish an opportunity just to have a taste of what you easily discard and dismiss with impunity. 

When the truth of God’s word hit me hard a few years ago, I came to one conclusion- I appreciate my experiences and the person I have become inspite of my short comings. This is the only way you can move forward despite your past and what it represents. Ebenezer simply means this is how far God has brought us! (Click here and tweet this).

David of bible times teaches us the power in appreciation even in the face of imminent death from the enemy. Inspite of all King Saul did in order to kill him, when he had the opportunity he did the opposite. (Click here and tweet this). He protested vehemently against being pushed by his compatriots to spill innocent blood. Secret- he was a “nobody” even when he Killed Goliath. It took the acceptance of King Saul into the palace to bring him into prominence. He was forever indebted to the kind gesture of the King and had always harboured an immense amount of Appreciation for the King.

If you learn to appreciate, it will be easy to forecast for the years ahead. Relationships no longer have longevity because many easily discard the rivers and the lakes they’ve been used to for the waterfalls at the least whim.

Question: What does APPRECIATION mean to you in a relationship? Kindly leave your comments on the blog.

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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