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Monday, 13 August 2012

"U"Series ~ Measure You(r) Pace!!

"Your pace is legal. Some run, some walk, some crawl. Reward in life is for those who endure and finish the race well". ~Unknown

This quote from a friend I follow on twitter got me thinking a lot. Many have been caught in the “instantomatics” of our time and do assume things should happen as quickly as the machines dispense coffee or coke. The difficulty for most has been the inability to accept they are unique and that their pace in life is entirely different from that of the next person. If care is not taken, the tendency to measure yourself with the successes of others will leave you a casualty of an unplanned life. (Click here and tweet this). This is born out of jealousy and envy which can’t be substantiated.

The pressures of life increases daily with every passing minute and the greatest coolant you have will be the knowledge that your pace is legal. (Click here and tweet this). Your steps even when negative are ordered by God for your own good. Ever had a bad situation turned around? That’s what am talking about! Every place you step, circumstance you will face in life has a lesson you ought to learn. Your miracle is in your ability to apply the wisdom acquired from your lessons of life. (Click here and tweet this). You will win if only you will understand the power of your pace.

To rise to the challenge of being “you” demands an acceptance of your uniqueness, the recognition of talents, skills and abilities. (Click here and tweet this). Some run, some walk, some crawl but the reward of success in this life is for those who endure and finish well the race of life. Life is a race but learn to stay in your tracks and develop yourself.You can never beat the next person by crossing over into their lane. Stay in your lane! Never measure your future with that of any one. (Click here and tweet this). At best learn from them... at most be yourself.

Life takes turns and one day it will be yours. One walk at a time, one run at a time, one stroke at a time and you will surely get to the place of your intended purpose. (Click here and tweet this). At the end of the day, society, friends and even your conscience won't be interested in what others did but what you did with your uniqueness. Your pace is so legal!!

Questions:  Why do you think people measure themselves with others? You can leave your comments on the blog!

Yours In His Service

Joe Akuoko II

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