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Thursday, 1 November 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (4) Fears

What we have to fear is fear itself once said by an American President. (Copy and tweet). Often times a person’s refusal to accommodate fear in their lives forces them to work on their courage. (Copy and tweet). The courageous person you see today might have been fearful at a point in their lives. The interesting thing about fear is that, the more you feed on it, the bigger it becomes. (Copy and tweet). The most debilitating aspect of fear for most of us however is the fear of the "unknown". Everyone struggles with the fear of the unknown yet its acceptance causes us to build support systems to deal with emergencies.

The revealing thing is that not every one of the fears you have is legitimate. (Copy and tweet). They say we are all born with two fears- that of falling and noises. The rest are all picked up as we go along in life and the experiences we endure.  These could be in relationships, business deals etc. Sometimes too the fears are either based on folklore transference or hearsay. (Copy and tweet). Such ones can be easily dealt with whilst the ones that are genuine can be overcome with help. 

Never beat yourself hard because you have fears, we all do. Pretend you don’t and your fall will be mighty. (Copy and tweet). There is nothing wrong with having fears but there is everything wrong when you fail to accept and deal with them. (Copy and tweet). Having fears is part of human existence. Someone said f.e.a.r. is an acronym which reads – False- Evidence- Appearing- Real. Succinctly stated, what you are pushed to fear might not be true at the end of the day.

For most people, the foundation of their fear is based on superstitions. (Copy and tweet). Every person, family, country has its own version of Superstitions. The concept of superstition is something that is wired into most societies. Most of these are in existence due to the lack of knowledge. I believe once you are educated about something, you lose the sense of fear about it. (Copy and tweet). A society that advances is the one that acknowledges the presence of superstition yet presses on nevertheless.

When a person becomes too engrossed in superstition, he loses the essence of what the reality can be. (Copy and tweet). This goes a long way to hamper their progress and development of any kind. How true are these superstitions? There could be a semblance of truth yet what relevancy does it contribute to your development? Daring and proving all things should be part of the process for you. You need to have a balance on what to fear and how to fear. (Copy and tweet). The fourth secret of great people is that they have fears yet they don't allow it to stop them in their tracks. Rather, they overcome them to become champions. (Copy and tweet).

Questions: Are your fears genuine? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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  1. I know my fears r brought on mostly from worryin abt things tat I can't really do anythin abt.


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