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Monday, 12 November 2012

3TruthsAboutOpportunities – YouHaveToProspectForThem

“….And the men of Israel said, have you seen this man that is come up? Surely to defy Israel is he come up. And it shall be that the man who killeth him, the king will enrich him with great riches, and will give him his daughter and make his father’s house free in Israel. And David spake to the men that stood by him”… ~1 Samuel 17:25-36

I know we've been told that opportunity knocks but once. Well it could be true to some extent. My question is - what if opportunities never knocks? Am I am meant to sit and wait for it? No! Waiting for your turn on opportunities sounds to conventional. You might miss your kairos moment if you buy into the traditional ways of thinking. (Copy and tweet). No one ever made it being conventional. (Copy and tweet). You have to learn how to prospect for them. 

Everyone dares at some point to dig deeper or push further for something precious. (Copy and tweet). It could be paying the price for the prize or going the extra mile for the achievement. Prospecting simply means to look or dig for something. It’s normally use in the mining industry as to prospect for gold or other minerals. The word “Prospects” is also used with regards to the potential or possibilities an individual has which is not yet manifested. (Copy and tweet). The reality is that everyone has something they desire to prospect for in whatever endeavour they find themselves in. It could be the vision, business, career etc.

Prospecting for opportunities sounds like the story of David when he came to the camp of the Israelites during the battle with the Philistines. Goliath had been threatening the Israelites for quite a number of days and none could answer the challenge. The boy David appeared at the camp on the fortieth day to meet the thundering of Goliath- he wanted a man to fight with. God brought him a man after His own heart. (Copy and tweet).

The king had promised the killer of Goliath with gifts, a prize of marriage and exemption from taxes. Off course those of us who live in tax efficient nations like the U.K will be filled with joy at this law by the King. This gave David the impetus to prospect for the prize at stake. Sometimes having a promissory note in your quest is a huge booster. (Copy and tweet). Like Esther, we are also reminded of what Mordecai said-“who knows for you were born for such a time as this. Who knows what the next decision, prayer, study, writing will do for your life and the entirety of the human race? (Copy and tweet). Who knows what can be achieved if you would prospect a little bit more? (Copy and tweet). This is an interesting story of an ordinary shepherd boy who prospected and seized the opportunity which came with it.

From the day he was anointed, it seemed God had forgotten him because he returned to shepherding. Nothing was heard of him until the battle with the Philistines. Something will surely trigger your relevance one of these days. (Copy and tweet). How can it be that an individual is anointed for a particular position did not start straight away? He first had to go to God’s own university; the wilderness to face the lions and bears of life until the day of his showing forth. (Copy and tweet). The process he went through tuned him up to meet the possibilities of life outside shepherding.

David went about asking the Soldiers what the reward will be, if any should kill Goliath. There is only one conclusion - God only uses people to point us towards the opportunities in life. (Copy and tweet).  Keep prospecting because those who don’t give up in the night find their rewards in the morning. (Copy and tweet).

What does prospecting for opportunities mean to you? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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