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Thursday, 8 November 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (6) Strengths

Much of what we term strengths comes out of what we have acquired through learning and experience. It can also come from that which we are naturally able to do. (Copy  and tweet ). You can’t always be strong! However, it’s worthwhile spending time on enhancing your strengths. The more you work on your strengths, the less significant your weakness will be.(Copy and tweet ).
God has blessed you with enough strength for the rest of your life. You can truly maximise them and profit from it.  An individual’s abilities and talents are tantamount to the strengths they solely possess without a copy in any shape or form. (Copy and tweet ). God has dealt to every person a measure of faith. This can mean a measure of strengths depending on what that person was born to do.  I see it more as an additive to the calling on a person. What one can do another can’t in that respect. This is why you cannot celebrate others and watch your own go waste. (Copy and tweet).

You have some unique “strengths’ and the earlier you recognise them, the better it will be for you and the people aligned to you. Every successful person you know built their successes gradually on the little strength they possess. (Copy and tweet ). They kept working on it until finally it could achieve great feats. There are some who think you need the fullness of your strength before you can make a move. Nobody starts with a fully develop strength. The little you have is what grows into becoming the "big" strength over time. If you will respect your measure of strength whilst working to develop it, God will continue to reward you with more. (Copy and tweet ).

If you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small. This scripture opens our eyes to the reality of being lackadaisical about the strength you have. As long as you are alive, the day of adversity will come. (Copy and tweet ). Those who survive are the ones who muster the power behind their strength and move to salvage situations. (Copy and tweet ). Sometimes the events of life will test your courage and even question the validity of your strengths. (Copy and tweet ). The good news is that you can win as long as you have a little bit of your strength left. 
In the pursuit of greatness via your strength, you are going to be a lone; many won’t understand you whilst others will question your right to that strength. Keep moving anyway! Any great man learnt to accept loneliness as part and parcel of their calling.  The many opinions of others won’t matter when you are caught up with developing your strengths. Society only rewards those who are bold enough to display their abilities. (Copy and tweet ). Cowering under excuses only exacerbates your fears. 

The enemy forgot that the growth of Samson’s hair was the key to his survival. (Copy and tweet ). Samson’ hair grew back and this initiated the renewal of his strength. What he lacked in the physical came about as his hair started growing.  I bet the devil never counted on his hair growing back. As long as he was a human being, it was. Forget your naysayers and those who ridiculed you when you were working on your strengths. (Copy and tweet ). It will surely grow back and when it does, move in its power and do mighty things for God and yourself. The sixth and final secret of great people is that they have strengths which they work on to accentuate.

Questions: What are some of the ways a person can maximise their strengths ? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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