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Monday, 5 November 2012

6SecretsOfGreatPeople ~ (5) Weaknesses

Every one possesses some degree of strength and weakness: none can claim absolute strength as even the strongest of all men, has weaknesses. (Copy and tweet). Infact the presence of a weakness denotes the reality of our human nature and its frailty. (Copy and tweet). There is nothing like a superman or woman as depicted in movies. Those are just make beliefs. Enter into their closets and you probably will find them desiring for a relief from their weaknesses. 

In our twenty-first century world, it’s seems absurd to act out and accept your weaknesses. Especially in this so-called era where “Alpha male and female” concepts are so much in vogue. However, I believe not allowing your weaknesses to show is a weakness in itself. (Copy and tweet). Sometimes allowing your weaknesses to shows opens the door for help in times of need.
You can lie to the people sometimes but you can’t lie to the people all the time is a quote I heard from Bob Marley. We are Spiritual beings and it makes it so easy to see through the next person whether if they are posers or not. (Copy and tweet).

Isn’t it funny how quick we are to ridicule those who accept their weaknesses whilst we hide our own. There is nothing wrong with having weaknesses but there is danger if nothing is done about it. (Copy and tweet). It is grave if one lacks the tools and the resources to deal with the visible and destructive tendencies that inhibit their progress. The presence of weaknesses only does one thing- it stifles the flow of your strengths. (Copy and tweet). Noticeably, many find it difficult to differentiate between “I can’t” and” I won’t”. (Copy and tweet). Knowing the difference is what will determine the sort of help you need.

For someone who desires to be a winner, the recognition of your weaknesses calls for an “I can’t” about certain things in order to receive help. (Copy and tweet this).  Interestingly, the Bible does not have the word “I can’t” but rather “I can”. It allows you to succumb to the desired knowledge needed. Recognizing you can’t or have failed, is not the worst that can happen to any person. (Copy and tweet). You wouldn’t be the first to have faced this situation.

It is only a fool who desiring to change will be adamant and not change his “I won’t. “I won’t” will be a symbol of arrogance when everything around points to your need for change. (Copy and tweet). It shuts the doors of your cognitive abilities thus killing your creativity. It deceives you to accept the status quo and never worry about change. It is a demon which has crippled many “would- be”, “could -have –been” and “should- have- been” individuals.

Every human being has a dream. Those who take the dream further accept the challenge of dealing with the “I won’t” of their lives through positive compromises for the greater good. Notwithstanding this reality, there are certain ideals you can’t compromise on albeit in the name of success.(Copy and tweet). “I won’t” like your refusal to abuse drugs, cheat in life, be sexually impure etc. are some of the things you can confidently say no to. The fifth secret of great people is that they possess weaknesses!

Questions: Do you think weaknesses are sometimes a blessing in disguise? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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