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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

3TruthsAboutOpportunities- YouHaveToMakeThem

“….. and when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses and he said here am I”~ Exodus 3:1-4

I know we’ve been told opportunity knocks but once….and one should make use of it. What if opportunity never knocks? Here is the first secret I have learnt about opportunities- Opportunity can be made. (Copy and tweet). This is the first secret am learning about this which many have had and wasted or made use of.
To make opportunity might seem you are just an opportunist who only seeks the easy way. A lot of people wrestle with the idea of making opportunities. I have heard people say things like “I feel bad, it makes me look cheap etc.” But my question to such ones will be- how bad do you want to succeed? Making opportunity is a significant component if one really desires to break through. It’s a genuine act of the 21st century to make opportunities. The bold always move and make opportunities. (Copy and tweet).
In reality, we all make opportunities whether consciously or unconsciously. (Copy and tweet). A journalist who wants an interview with someone books an appointment, a singer who wants an album out, takes his demo to a producer, a writer who wants a book out writes to publishing house and finally a man who wants to date a lady, asks her out. These are a few of things we do every day.
Moses had accepted the life of a shepherd until he had an encounter with the supernatural. He had settled in and married Zipporah, the daughter of Jethro the Midianite priest. It is said he was content with the shepherding of the “few sheep”. It’s sad when situations make us accept the status quo even when we know it isn’t right for us. (Copy and tweet)! God had seen in him a leader to deliver His people from bondage. Yet life had turned him into a shepherd whose place was at the back side of the desert.
Life had taken Moses through a lot of beating after he escaped from Egypt. The prince was now a full time shepherd. Sometimes life! The burning bush experience was an opportunity God made to redeemed Moses from accepting what life had thrown at him. (Copy and tweet). Off course with his Egyptian scientific background, Moses was definitely going to be attracted to the burning bush. God always speaks to us clearly via the language we understand. (Copy and tweet). God saw it as the right moment to introduce Himself and make his plans known, when Moses turned aside to see the burning bush.
This opportunity God made changed Moses’ life and that of the Jews who were in slavery. Great things happen when a willing vessel is found by God.  (Copy and tweet). It was through this that for the first time, God revealed His name “I AM THAT I AM” to the world through Moses. The burning bush experience of Moses was initiated by God. It was an opportunity he made to reach out to a battered and broken Moses at the backside of the desert.
Jesus when he encountered the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, made an opportunity by requesting for water from her. She came to the well a “husband snatcher” but by the time the dialogue ended, the evangelist in her was made manifest. (Copy and tweet). You can also make opportunities in the pursuit of anything you desire. If you wait for providence it might be too late. As a matter of urgency, reach out and make opportunities where necessary.

What does making opportunities mean to you? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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