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Friday, 16 November 2012

3TruthsAboutOpportunities – YouHaveToMaximiseThem

David sold his soul to the course and never remained the same. Enoch despised evil, clung onto God and was taken away without dying. Deborah and Gideon believed the prophetic word and were victorious. The desire to see rest in an individual’s life demands that their all be given over to the vision, purpose or aim set before them. (Copy and tweet). 

The passion you invest in a vision or purpose is what releases its value. The laws of sowing and reaping rewards anyone who will not take for granted opportunities when they come. I wonder why people take that which they’ve struggle for all their lives for granted? (Copy and tweet). Favour will always be on the side of he who has gotten to this final stage of opportunities and their usage. 

Poverty remains when you fail to maximise opportunities that come your way. (Copy and tweet). We pray for God to bless us but fail to be sensitive to His directions. David saw an opportunity into greatness and never relented. I believe that God has a set day, time or season in which He will elevate you but you will need to be extra sensitive. . He put his life on the line in order to achieve the victory needed. Hebrews is succinct on this - that where there is a testament, there should also be the blood of the testator. 

A victory which will be in continuum demands the full attention of your spirit, soul and body. (Copy and tweet). It can only be sustained when care is taken into building a proper foundation. In God, that which is yours will always be waiting and will not be given or taken by any.  (Copy and tweet). The only thing you the destined one can do is to despise your birth right as Esau did. When repentance is sort, you can stir yourself up again and possess the opportunity. Let none use your lack of the "right" age, race, education etc. to deny you an opportunity you deserve. (Copy and tweet). 

The bible is full of people who according to the natural were not fit for the opportunity at hand. Thanks be to God that we are not chosen based on smartness, wisdom, education, connection but according to His grace. (Copy and tweet). You can, so don’t sit there waiting for someone to pick you into the pool, pick your bed and do mighty things for God and yourself.

What does maximising opportunities mean to you? Let me know your thoughts.

Yours In His Service
Joe Akuoko II

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